Always expect, what you are not expecting, and be open for what appears unexpectedly

2018 was a year, charcterized by political strains, tensions und changes in national and international relations. Germany, Europe and the whole world were facing difficulties in building and/or keeping open-minded, tolerant and peaceful societies. Divisions within nations, boundaries between nations, economic and social crises, war and migration, natural disasters and climate change... 2018 was a year of challenges.
Efforts to reach the "Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) have to be increased to avoid failing.
A part from political interventions, governmental organisations and political foundations,  civil society, faith based and charity organisations are essential players, who commit themselves for the implementation of activities, aiming at reaching the SDGs.

The German development policy continued to implement and finance a series of initiatives to reduce and stop the root causes for migration and flight. One particular focus remains on Africa, as stated in the "Marshall Plan", which shows the cornerstones for a new partnership between Africa and Europe for development, peace and a better future.
Political education towards a responsible and sustainable behaviour with regard to our society as well as our environment is still on the top of political interest. This takes place in consideration, that sustainable development has to take place not only in the countries of the global south, but - much more - we have to take our responsibilities for global sustainability at our homes and at our home countries.

Within this frame of development policy and development cooperation, worldwide citizen engagement, local participation and ownership of organisations, institutions, stakeholders and individuals remain the key; And capacity building of respective actors remain a cross cutting success factor.

As external consultants and trainers we work in Germany, Europe and in countries of the global south.
We assess organisational, institutional and individual capacities and support the  development of structures and processes of organizations and  institutions. Together with our clients we mutually identify potentials and required skills and competencies to increase performance and therefore the effectiveness and impact of their programs and projects. We evaluate the relevance of programs and projects and identify ways to keep and/or increase the efficiency and to guarantee sustainability, considering the local and cultural background and values.

With regard to topic "integration" we develop and implement projects with local professionals and volunteers, migrants and refugees  to support mutual understanding and learning (intercultural competence), to foster integration,  empowerment, as well as civic responsibility and engagement.
We also conduct training and workshops for political education in schools, universities, academies, local companies and networks, contributing to a sustainable society.

Our activities are based on profound and solid theoretical knowledge and, most importantly, years of practical experience in the field. We combine knowledge on international policies, standards and requirements with the skill to transfer them to the specific and local situation, while engaging and motivating the related stakeholders, managers and teams and create ownership.

We are convinced, that it is highly important to assess each individual case and each situation, before offering a specifically tailored and demand driven consultation or training package or before we plan a local and cultural adapted project. And we take our time and flexibility to do so.
We also know how important it is to amend plans, support programs and training agendas according to specific situations, considering participants' needs, attitudes and behaviour.
We are aware of the importance to follow up activities, mentoring and coaching as well as participatory monitoring to guarantee sustainability and accountability. We integrate these aspects in our consultancy and training packages.
We go in line with the European and German development policy such as the “Charta for the Future – One World Our Responsibility” and combine our activities and support for the international development cooperation abroad with engagement on political education and global learning in our home countries.

We aim at contributing to a more knowledgeable, tolerant and cosmopolitan community in the global south as well as in our home areas and at transfering our experiences and knowledge.