Our organisational consultation focus on
- stratgey
- steering
- processes
- cooperation
- learning
while considering the attitudes within the team towards

 A part of opur consultation services for organisational development, we also offer programmatic support  in specific sectors.

Organisational Consultation
What do we mean, when we talk about organisational development?
The amount of definitions, concepts, methods and requirements is overwhelming. And that is exactly what it is ...
Comprehensive organisational development is highly diverse and complex, and different for each individual organisation and specific situation.
Often, consultation for organisational development is needed in the normal day-to-day business in order to improve performance, to respond to new requirements and to react to the changing social and working environment .

Sometimes you just don't know how to manage all of this. Your organisation might not have the capacity to fulfil extra requirements or to identify root causes for difficulties and tensions: Either due to human resource constraints, the lack of knowledge and skills, weak experience, time constraints or even other reasons.

This is, when we come into place:
In a participatory way, we assess your  strengths, weaknesses, opportunties and strengths and transfer the results into action for capacity buidling. We offer you specifically tailored organisational support in your day-to-day work with a specific focus on:
  • strategy
  • steering
  • processes
  • cooperation
  • learning
considering also the attitude of your team towards changes within the organisational structure and behaviour.


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