"Operations keeps the lights on,
strategy provides a light
at the end of the tunnel,
project management
is the train engine
that moves the organization forward."

Joy Gumz

Our consultation and consultancy services inlcude
- Project assessment mission
- Project planning (impact chain)
- Project proposal
- Resource mobilisation
- Kick off workshop
- Implementation of action plan
- Development of monitoring system
- Implementation and monitoring
- Surveys and mid-term evaluation 
- Closing phase (Exit strategy)
- Final evaluation

Project Cycle Management
Who ever developed or managed a project once, might know the following described feeling of being a wizard, who has to bring together different actors and processes under specific circumstances in a way to deliver the desired results.

In order to be successful, you prepare and plan projects intensively and after kick off, you tightly manage, monitor and evaluate. This permanent cycle of project implementation, monitoring and (re)planning sometimes overloads you and your team members; Very often the team is hesitating to invest time in planning processes and esoecially in monitoring and evaluation instead of using all efforts for the implementation of activities.
Lack of human resources, missing or weak capacities, knowledge and skills might be the reasons for gaps in palning, monitoring and evaluation.

This is, when we come into place.

We offer a set of support modules, which respond to your current demands. Our basic modules will be specifically tailored to the local background, cultural values, your and your team’s priorities and the project's current stage:
- Planning phase
- Implementation and monitoring phase
- Evaluation and closing phase

With regard to the project cycle management we highly consider the OECD/DAC criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiancy, impact and sustaiability.
We also work according to the standards of the German Evaluation Society (DeGEval).

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