Our individual and professional life is characterized through permanent changes impacting current situations and statuses, but also offering possibilities and opportunities. Lifelong learning - for organisations as well as individuals - has become a 'must' for decades to respond to a dynamic living and working environment.

Training is one of the best known means for individual and organisational (team) capacity development. It is typically organised after failures appeared or weaknesses were identified. Training is required, when new, unknown projects, structures or processes call for corresponding competences.

In any case, the organisational and/or individual situation needs to be assessed, training goals mutually set and the training tailored accordingly.
We offer a general set of training "modules" which respond to your demands and can be specifically tailored to your needs, your set goals and objectives and your priorities. Our training can be combined with support offers for organisational development or the project cycle management. In this case we link training, learning by doing and coaching.

The following training categories are available:
  1. Leadership and management oriented (including team building)
  2. Individual oriented (including so-called soft skills)
  3. Project and programme oriented
  4. Specific training for the integration of refugees
The three categories contain different modules, to be combined according to your needs and preferences.


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