Project and programme related training

Within our training catalogue we differentiate between three areas of training:
  • Leadership and management oriented training
  • Individual oriented training
  • Project and programme oriented training
  • Specific training for integration of refugees

Our project and programme related training is designed for leaders and managers as well as individual staff and team members, who want to improve their personal capacities, knowledge and skills in areas, referring to project and programme planning and management.

These trainings can be separately offered, or in combination with consultancy or consultation services within the project cycle management support.


Our training catalogue for
project and programme oriented training include


  • Startegic planning
  • Monitoring (implementation of monitoring systems)
  • Data collection and data anaylses (for monitoring and evaluation)
  • Evaluation
  • Training of enumerators
  • Knowledge management
  • Fundraising
  • Cooperation

You can combine modules from different fields
according to your needs.