Specific training and projects for the integration of refugees

Within our specific training catalogue for the integration of refugees we include trainings for professionals, volunteers, migrants and refugees as well as training for mixed groups.
Trainings are mainly offered in German (focusing on integration) but can be offered as bilingual trainig as well (German-English or German-French). Our trainings include:
- Intercultural competence and communication
- Individual perception
- Integration and empowerment
- Future perspectives
- Violence
- Family issues (reproductive health, education)
- Religion
- Integration
- and more

Our final training concept is always conceptualized together with our clients, to be adapted to the specific demands and cultural backgrounds.

We are also developing and implementing projects for separate as well as mixed groups to support the integration processes
: for example the "Integrationskoffer" (the "integration box").

Our training catalogue for

the specific training for integration and refugees

- Get closer to each other - communication and approaches
Aufeinander Zugehen – Kommunikation und Herangehensweisen

Get closer to each other - follow up training
Aufeinander Zugehen – Folgeveranstaltung (viele Rollenspiele und Übungen)
Learn to live peacefully with each other
Friedlich miteinander leben lernen
Learn to live peacefully with each other - follow up training
Friedlich miteinander leben lernen – Folgeveranstaltung (Fokus lösungsorientierte und gewaltfreie Kommunikationsführung)
Be close but have a professional distance
Nähe und Distanz (bezieht sich v.a. auf die Grenzen/fehlende Grenzen freiwilliger Helfer)
Empowerment as a method of work with refugees
Empowerment als Methode in der Arbeit mit AsylbewerbernInnen
Considering the anti-bias approach when working with refugees
Berücksichtigung des Anti-Bias-Ansatzes in der Arbeit mit AsylbewerbernInnen
Collegial advise - Support each other in the circle of volunteers
Kollegiale Beratung – Gegenseitige Hilfe in Helferkreisen
Assumptions and realities - How we experience the Islam
Bilder und Realitäten – Wie wir den Islam erleben