Our political education / global learning offers
are partly offered in cooperation with
Engagement Global /
"Bildung trifft Entwicklung" (BTE)

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Our modules for political education refer to:
- Intercultural competence, change of perspectives, acceptance of cultural diversity
- Integration
- Methods and approaches of the international development cooperation
- Women empowerment, gender equality
- Youth empowerment and leadership
- Poverty alleviation and income generation
- Democracy,good governance, human rights
- Environment protection
- Reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, female genital mutilation
- Peace keeping, conflict resolution, "do no harm"
- Migration and integration
- Development cooperation and its institutions

We combine the exchange of our experiences with theoretical background and refer to the perceptions and questions of our audience.

Political Education - Global Learning

Based on our years of experience abroad in the field of development cooperation and peace keeping we contribute to the political education and global learning in Europe.
We offer political and civic education and training to contribute to a more knowledgable, tolerant and cosmopolitan community in our home areas. We include the work with refugees as well as with staff and volunteers supporting the integration of refugees.
We adapt and amend our basic modules to the specific needs and requirements and develop new modules according to the demands of our clients.

Aim of global learning
  • Improve the capacity of critical and constructive analyses of development relevant topics
  • Open a platform for experience exchange and discussions
  • Support capacity development for a better understanding and responsible behaviour in our global world
  • Show examples and options for a responsible and tolerant behaviour
  • Motivate to change perspectives and accept the diversity of cultures
  • Encourage own initiatives

Our offers include:
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Coordination and participation at fairs and conferences
  • Supervision and coaching (GROW)
  • Collegial advice

Our target group includes:
  • Members of organisations and associations
  • Staff of non profit organisations and associations
  • Volunteers / circle of helpers, supporting refugees
  • Teachers and staff of kindergartens
  • People with migration background
  • Pupils and students
  • Parents (schools / kindergardens)
  • Refugees in Germany
  • Others
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