About us
We are offering our consultation services and consultancies services either individually or as in cooperation with international or national experts.
We are proud to announce our personal cooperation partners as well as our cooperation with organizations and memberships in expert rosters:

Dr. Judith Abdel-Massih-Thiemann
Consultant and Trainer

Personal Cooperation Partners
  • Dr. Thomas Döhne
  • Dr. Sarba Khadka
  • Dr. Susanne Betz
  • Mr. Jörg Spielberg
  • Ms. Jacqueline Mulders

Cooperation and Memberships
  • German Evaluation Society (DeGEval)
  • Centre for International Peace Operations
  • Engagement Globale - Education meets Development (BTE)
  • Entwicklungspädagogisches Informationszentrum (EPiZ)